About us

The company

Thanks to a constant and continue growth, today we introduce ourselves to our customers as a leader company in garage equipment and not only, on an international level, with productive structures on a covered area of 60.000 m2 and a global area of 100.000 m2.

To realize products of absolutely tested and guaranteed quality, we decided to follow a productive process at 360°, starting from the raw material till the completed product, both for mechanical parts and hydraulic parts; this is referred to all our products, composed by more than 600 CE approved and certified articles.

Safety is Your Right, Quality is Our Guarantee.

Some numbers

100.000 m2 of productive structures

650 the number of articles in production

100+ the markets in which we operate

200 people employed


We are engaged in a continuous research and development activity to offer technologically advanced, reliable and safe products each conceived, designed and manufactured inside our company.

Our machines comply with the European directives like the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE, the Directive 2014/35/UE (low voltage) as well as the Directive 2014/30/EU (electromagnetic compatibility).

In addition to this, every single article of our product range has been developed and manufactured following voluntarily the specific international norms concerning this product. In particular, all of our commercialized lifts are homologated and comply with the European norm EN 1493 – Vehicle lifts.

OMCN production of automotive lifts and workshop equipment

Quality and safety

In order to comply with these norms, our technicians are continuously in contact with some international regulatory authorities, with certification authorities like Bureau Veritas, Tuv, Icepi, Apave Normande as well as with top consulting companies.

We also put in our ambitious projects an absolute will to keep a relevant sign of the Made in Italy of guaranteed quality.

Our deep and extended presence on a domestic market and in more than 100 foreign countries, we believe, can be our best reference.

A well organized and professional network of assistance and an important insurance cover “PRODUCT RESPONSIBILITY” valid for 10 years on all the articles of our production are the complements to our concept of quality.

Production of high quality lifts OMCN